Unique Ideas For a Unique Wedding Reception

The wedding reception has always been a key part of the wedding day. It is the time after the more subdued ceremony where you as the bride can celebrate your newlywed status with your friends and family. This is also one of the biggest challenges to your planning. There are so many details you need to look over and be sure of to make sure that everyone enjoys the reception and that everything runs smoothly. Here are some suggestions and tips to help you not only plan a successful reception but also an unforgettable one.

The first thing is to focus on to make a one of a kind marriage feast is the location. Where are you holding it? Is it at a hotel, conference center, or does the church where you’re getting married has facilities that you can use? Depending on your budget and preference this question might have different answers. The important thing is that it can accommodate your guests. Another thing to consider is that the location can add to uniqueness of your event. For example I went to a party that was held at an Armory. The theme was a royal ball and the building definitely matched the description with its fairytale castle architecture. So if you have a specific theme, this is something to consider.

Another point is to decide decorations. For the most part this was already decided when you chose a theme for the wedding. In most cases this where you would really showcase decoration matching your design idea. In the ceremony in most cases the decorations would be more subdued to match the atmosphere of where the ceremony is occurring. If you chose an especially exotic or fun theme then the reception hall is your opportunity as a bride to really extend your creativity and imagination.

The first place to focus when decorating the hall is the tables and seating for your guest. This will provide the greatest impact on your ideas as these are decorations that right there in front of them. Think of theme appropriate center pieces and flower arrangements that can wow them. Another important design element is the place cards. These have the dual purposes of adding to the look of the tables and directing guests to their designated seating. If the place card is aesthetically pleasing and interesting then it will be immediately noticed by guests and help them find their seats faster. While putting together the decorations for each table keep in mind that costly is not always creative. The internet makes it possible to bargain hunt and find great selections at reasonable prices. The second places you need to focus on decorating are the walls and corners. Use restraint and your judgment.

You also need to think about the menu. The point of reception is that you also eat. Some brides decide to go with whatever a caterer is offering. While okay it can make the meal be the most forgettable part of the affair. Having been to a couple of such events I can assure that this is always a fact. First off poll friends and family for foods they would like to see at the wedding. After getting this information research caterers in your area and see what they can offer. At all times keep in mind your budget. You most likely have the challenge to feed a large number of people, so you want to stretch your money. Now for an interesting flair to the menu you can again look to your theme. If possible try to find a menu that reflects your theme. This can be tricky as some design ideas are not really food friendly but learn to compromise if you can’t get exactly what is needed. Also make sure to have alternate menu options for guest that have allergies or other food concerns.

Finally choose theme appropriate unique wedding favors that match the theme of your wedding. Try to focus on getting items that are useful as well as original.

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