The Truth About Size in Boxing

Is it true that big boxers, the ones with huge muscles are always stronger then the smaller ones? The answer to this is a simple no… quite obvious if you watch boxing matches and see huge guys get beat up by smaller guys at the bottom-end of their weight class.

I’ve also seen matches where boxer A is very built and has big muscles and boxer B has barely any muscle and a little gut. Often, boxer B does win.

You see this a lot in UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Where on the outside, it seems as though one guy is tougher due to his muscle size and it often ends up that the guy with the smaller muscles win.

A great example of this was the match between Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir… Brock Lesnar’s muscles are at least 3x the size of Frank Mir’s… so let’s dive deep into the truth about size in boxing.

The truth about size? Well… size really doesn’t matter. It’s all about strength and strength does not equal size. At least it’s not a 1-for-1 relationship. In fact, for some people, there isn’t a relationship…

For instance, I’ve seen guys at my gym benching 250 lbs looking as if they could probably barely push 135. Without a doubt, in the martial arts world, muscular size is overrated. Most arm wrestlers know this and are aware of it as you might know.

So if you want to gain strength, don’t focus on your size. Focus on activities that will help you gain real, “old man” strength as many people like to call it.

Some of these include:

a) Internal strength building – core exercises to get your cardiovascular system and organs stronger. Training on the punch bags in the gym is great for this as it allows you to really push your body and work out many different muscles.

b) Bones, Ligaments, and Tissues – Focus on stretching after all exercises and even in between sets. In Men’s Health Magazine, stretching was quoted to have a proven +20% increase in strength on test subjects.

So that’s the truth about size in boxing. Size really doesn’t mean much. Sure you’ll look great in shirts and shorts, but when it comes to fighting in the ring, big muscles really won’t help you as much as you think.

Of course, you can always focus on building inner strength and outer appearance. It all depends on what makes you happy and what your goals are.

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