How to Choose the Right Color for Your Bridesmaid Dresses

Every bride has been dreaming of a perfect wedding since she was young. As detail makes difference, you cannot treat it lightly. Apart from your Wedding Dresses, there are still many details for you to decide on.

One detail is the color scheme. Your Bridesmaid Dressesshould generally follow the color scheme. So, how to choose the right color for your bridesmaid dresses? Here are some tips for you:

1. Choose a color you like. There’s nothing worse than having your bridesmaid dress in a color that make you dizzy. After all, you’ll be looking at your wedding pictures for a lifetime.

2. Consider the time of day. For daytime weddings, lighter colored dresses work better; while for weddings held in the evening, darker colors tend to work better.

3. Consider the season. Pastels and lighter colors are more suitable for a spring or summer wedding, while darker colors are better for a fall and winter wedding.

4. Consider the formality level of the wedding. Lighter colors might work better for a casual wedding, and darker colors might work better for a formal one.

5. Consider the venue. For a beach wedding, you can choose anything that goes with the color of sand, such as earth or neutral colors, like orange, brown, green or red. For garden weddings during fall, you can also go for earth or neutral colors. However, this color scheme might not work in a wedding held in a church.

6. Choose colors that look good on your bridesmaids and consider your bridesmaids body type. Bright colors may not be flattering on heavier women; while dark orange may wash out women with pale complexions.

7. Ask your bridesmaids what colors they like and look best wearing. You can adjust each one’s dress according to their preference. Bridesmaids don’t necessarily have to have a single color and style of dress. Each one can have her individual dress style.

Well, if you have a dreamy bridesmaid dress, no matter it is of a picture or conception; you can send the picture to our custom made service, more details and your measurement are also needed.

Have your perfect wedding!

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