Boxing Shoes: The Right Pair

Among the other pieces of equipment that a boxer has in is boxing kit, the boxing shoes happens to be an important one. Many kinds of shoes are available in the market but the ideal pair of is usually very light in weight. They are properly designed and ventilated so that you feel comfortable wearing them and your feet does not sweat or get over heated while boxing. The shoes must be able to give your feet the ankle support and traction required during a boxing match.

These shoes are made of a variety of materials and they are combined together to make the perfect pair. The shoes are made of leather, suede and soles made of rubber. These materials are used in the manufacture of these shoes. A boxer must have fast boxing footwork in the ring and if he does not wear a good pair of shoes then he may even lose the boxing match. It is that crucial for a boxer. These shoes even have mesh windows on all sides and they allow the boxers feet to breathe properly a there is proper ventilation inside the shoes.

There are different kinds of boxing shoes and it all depends on what sort of boxing you normally practice. The shoes can be low top, mid top and high top shoes that are required in boxing. The high top shoes are preferred by serious boxers, martial arts students and kick boxers because they give more ankle support. These shoes have a firm grip and the boxers lace up the shins so that they stay firmly in place during the match. Boxers prefer the low top boxing shoes for work outs. Women too are getting in to the sport and are buying the shoes from the market. Manufacturers have a much a bigger market now.

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