A Change in History

What kind of change do we face? Will it be a change for the better, or set us on a path to destruction? I hope for the good. It’s amazing to see millions of people as they gather on the Capitol lawn today to witness the swearing in of our 44th president of the United States. Looking into the faces of many, I see tears of joy, expressions of elation, and faces of awe at the fact that we have our first black president. I can only imagine the joy many American’s feel today. How far we’ve come from the days of slavery!

As I watch in amazement the process at which it takes for our president to be sworn in, it reminds me of a wedding in which two people vow to love, honor, and respect each other til death do them part. I only hope our new president takes the vows he has made a lot more serious than the average couple these days seems to take their wedding vows. Just like a wedding, you spend all that time planning, only to be settled in a few short moments when words…vows are repeated. Do we fully realize the power in the spoken words? Do we fully understand the power of a vow, the power of an oath? The seat of the president holds many pressures, many tough decisions, and many altering choices that could change the future of our country. It’s far beyond our laymen comprehension. I pray our new president, Barak Hussein Obama, will be true to our country…not just speak the words, but live it.

America is a nation unlike any other. We represent so much that is good. Sure, we have our share of problems, but at the heart of it all, we are good. We represent freedom for all, not just here in our country, but many countries abroad. We have always been quick to lend a hand to those that are in need. American is truly amazing. I love this country. My family, like many others, are immigrants to this great land. Having fled the horrible abuses of communism, they fled to America for safety and opportunity. Opportunity to live without fear, to walk the streets with heads held high. Opportunity to not just dream a dream, but see the reality of their dreams actually come true. This great land is home to many, many people with similar stories. The one common thread I hear consistently among those that share this same history, are expressions of fear for our potential future. Signs of the future do not look as promising to them as it does to those who are more elated about our new commander and chief. They too have experienced leaders that speak eloquently when running for election, only to deliver something much different when in power. May this not be the case for our great nation. I hope this “change” is for the better. I don’t even want to say for the “good” because that would assume that things are bad. Far be it! We are most blessed. Reality is we are in tough times, but in spite of it all, we are still a great nation. America is strong, much stronger than the media would have us believe.

This is definitely a change, a defining moment in the history of our great land. Now is the time for everyone, whether we agree or disagree with our new administration, to pray for our leaders. That doesn’t mean we lie down and let whatever happens happen. No way! But, we handle our grievances the right way by holding our representatives accountable for wrong choices. It’s time to pray for our leaders, to pray for our nation.

May President Obama be all that he promises to be. May this be a positive defining moment in American history …God bless America!

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