The latest trends of 2010 evening gowns

When choosing the evening cocktail dresses, you would usually be faced with one big dilemma – Will you decide the long slender type or the short knee-length type? Sometimes you might end up buying both or none at all because you cannot make a decision on one. That hair-pulling question can easily be answer if you look at your favorite and body look when comparing which dress to buy.
The long and slender evening dresses will make you feel good, mature and sexy. This is because the dress is tailored to show off the curve of your body. The long skirt dress can also be used if you do not desire to show off your legs. If you are mainly tall person then the long and slender dress would fit you very well. The design will assist to give your body a contour when the men are checking you out. The long skirt design is also more fitting to be worn in a formal night because showing a lot of skin is considered unsuitable.
If you have a party or other special formal events, it is important to prefer a good dress that emphasizes your best features and also look fashionable. These are some of the trends in evening party dresses for 2010.
1) Hollywood-style dresses – This year prom dresses are the glamour of Hollywood. Sexy dresses, strapless neckline, satin, one shoulder or halter necklines are very popular this season. The leaflets are also used much this year.
2) Short dresses – If you think long dresses are more stylish for a party, this is no longer the case. Emphasize short dresses in the legs and are a great choice for girls who want to show them off. Cocktail dresses above the knee, with necklines decorated with sequins and dress online to make you look impressive.
3) Print dress – While animal print is one of the 2010 trends are not the only choice. The abstract prints with bright colors or floral prints and bold graphics are also fashion.
4) Mermaid style dresses – This type of clothes are among the latest trends this year. For those who have a nice body, is an excellent option as it has class and grace.
5) Little black dresses – This is a classic that will never be unfashionable. If you accompany with gorgeous accessories, you can see spectacular.
6) Clothing colors – bright colors are in fashion this year, like fuchsia, lavender, turquoise, lime green, metallic colors, chocolate or shade of red are some of the possibilities for this year.

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