Where To Use Valve Boxes

If you are installing a new irrigation system in your garden your will need to use valve boxes to control the flow and timing of your system and to have access to repair damage. These boxes allow you to access the valves and they keep them protected from environmental factors as well as weather conditions. They come in different materials and styles.

In the garden you will most likely want a sturdy plastic or molded foam type. They resist bugs, water and ground movement. They are also available in metal styles such as cast iron and come with custom lettering in the top.

The installation of a valve box does not take a lot of experience, the most difficult part is connecting the valves properly. Once it is all in place and everything is connected the box is placed over the top. Using bricks at the corners will stabilize it and you can fill the hole in the bottom with crushed rock.

When the box is in place you can install sod right up to the edges if desired. The box and lids come in a variety of colors such as dusty pink, green, brown or black. You can also paint them with outdoor paint. It is best to place them in a place that has little traffic and is a bit hidden but not so much that you can’t find them for servicing.

You can disguise the box with mulch of it is in a planted area. There are covers that look like rock, they can be a bit heavy but they look real. Valve boxes keep your valves from exposure to sharp objects, extra dirt, snow and water. They are easy to install and you can find the right one for your needs allowing for quick access to meters, pipes and valves with little effort.

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