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Congratulatory remarks are in order for America as it continues to spring forward together with the personal injury lawyers who have long benefited from its assistance as they continue to cause pain to almost everybody else. When The New York Times published a story about how personal injury lawyers were aware of several problems involving a tire company, this surprised millions of Americans especially since there was not a single report filed with the authorities resulting in 200 deaths because these people chose to safeguard their personal lawsuits and big rewards. What the lawyers claimed was that it was their obligation to the client to keep information confidential.

The fee paid to lawyers under the contingency fee arrangements today pertain to a third or a half of everything the clients receive. The lawyers weren’t protecting their clients, they were protecting their incomes. Here, a double standard applies for it is usually the lawyers who are the first to point out how public safety should be ahead of profits. Failure in the court of public opinion is what the argument of the lawyers here continuously achieves especially as they justify how nothing is wrong with this picture. What comes out from this is the soiled reputation of personal injury lawyers especially with the protection of consumer interests.

Lawmen like these have no other interest but to secure their personal gains and they do not mind if they step over the consumers they are claiming to protect and at least there is a chance for the public to be informed of how manipulative these people could be. Lawsuit abuse is a common thing and this tire defects issue is only one among many factors that cause problems for the constitution starting with the election process. With regard to the contributions made for political campaigns, the personal injury lawyers that only make up a small fraction of the population actually provide one of the largest donations. There are a number of people who are forgotten by the system that is supposed to provide for the best interests of the entire population and this is due to the control given by this to the elite.

In the hopes of gaining huge settlements, the personal injury lawyers are even attacking dealers of safe and useful goods and services with bogus class action lawsuits. Not only did they hide behind consumers as they filed bogus class actions but they demanded hefty settlements for these as well. Considering the claims represented by these lawyers the clients could get justice in the form of coupons and nothing more just like what happened with a case over computer monitor sized where clients got $ 6 coupons even if the lawyers got $ 6 million. For these lawsuits, they have the capacity to tale police off of the streets not to mention close parks and pools plus increase taxes.

Lawsuits when applied to small businesses could lead to job cuts as well as business foreclosure. If health care providers are victimized then prices go up while accessibility deteriorates. Frivolous lawsuits as a whole increase our cost of living. The American tort reform association has estimated that lawsuits cost every American $ 1,200 per year. Other effects of these include a tainted legal system, clogged courts, and delayed justice for actual victims.

The system of the personal injury lawyers’ bar indeed has a problem failed to be recognized by the members themselves making it worse. When it comes to American business and consumers, their colleagues are making the effort to be the positive elements without any form of illegal extortion. Back in the day the personal injury lawyers reigned like Haman of old but nowadays it is their victims who are the ones hanging them out to dry. As the crimes of these personal injury lawyers come to light, maybe it could be expected that about to wane is their influence on liberties, the courts, and the legislators.

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