Dress Up A Mattress With A Unique Headboard

A bare mattress lying on the floor is bad enough, but a bare mattress in a bed platform is not much better.  No matter what kind of bedding is put on the mattress, if there is no headboard, then the bedroom will lack a good visual focal point.  Bed headboards are usually the visual focal point in most interior bedroom designs.  So instead of a run of the mill headboard to accentuate the mattress, a little bit of creativity and some re-used materials can create a beautiful headboard that becomes more than just a bed.

Repurposed wooden doors make great headboards for queen mattresses.  Use paint and decorative hardware to turn the door into a stunning work of art.  If the door already has attractive features, such as engraved scrollwork, simply cleaning the door up and maybe adding a fresh coat of polyurethane may be all that is needed.  Once it is decorated, use hardware to attach the door in a horizontal, on its side position, to the wall just above the mattress.  It is important that the door be well attached to the wall for safety reasons.

If no used wooden doors are available, consider simply painting a mural on the wall above the mattress to create the illusion of a bed headboard.  The mural can be of anything that suites the homeowner, or just of random designs and shapes.  Of course, the mural can also be of an actual headboard.  For just the price of a bit of acrylic paint, the wall above the bed can be turned into a unique visual focal point for the room.

Attractive fabric that appeals to the homeowner can also be used to create the visual effect of a bed headboard.  Fabric can be attached to the way with glue (though it will be difficult to remove later), finishing nails, or small attractive metal push pins.  One large continuous piece may be used, or a collage of fabrics can be made above the mattress height.

Framed photo collages or works of art can also be used to take the visual place of a headboard.  However, when hanging a framed piece above the bed, the height should not be just above the mattress level.  Instead, the height of the hung art needs to be above head height when an adult sits up in the bed.  Otherwise, leaning against the wall with pillows could cause breaking of the frames.

Creating an attractive bedroom and an attractive, unique bed doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult.  Getting creative with repurposed objects or craft supplies can turn the bedroom into a boudoir in an afternoon.

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