The Meaning Of Colors

The world that we live in is full of colors. Everywhere we look, we can see different colors. There are colors that we do not really like and there are colors that somehow magnets our attention. When this happens, we often wonder what is with that color and what it really means. The meaning of colors differs in different places, culture and expression.  In this article, we are not going to discuss the expressions involving colors but we are going to discuss what specific color means to different people and different places.

Let us take the color red as the first example. Red is a lively color oftentimes related to love and passion. Red can also mean confidence and warmth. In other cultures and countries like South Africa, the color red in their flags represents the death of the people who fought for the freedom of their land. Red in the flag of some other countries represents bravery. In the Russian flag, however, red stands for beauty. In the street, red usually means “stop”.

The opposite of red on the street is green. Green means “go.” Spring and the beginning of the year stand as new hope and new life that is why it is often related to the color green. This color is also related to youth. In ancient Greece, green stands for victory. But some culture related green to envy and jealousy. Some old sayings warn about people with green eyes, whom you cannot trust.

Blue is the color of the sea and of the sky that is why it is considered the color of serenity and cold. It also means victory and other culture. Blue, however, in Iran means grief over a loved one who passed away. Wearing of the something blue by the bride on her wedding day signifies love and loyalty.

Yellow has many meanings. It serves as a sign to warn people about something. Yellow in some cultures signifies jealousy, envy and cowardice. In India, the color signifies spring and in Egypt, it means mourning.

These are just some of the colors we see around us. Different colors could mean different things in different places. Color meanings, however, are relative.

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