Red Light District in Amsterdam

This part of town is also the oldest part of town, which makes it kind of cool to walk around. There used to be this corner which kind of looked like a bottleneck where pooners were waiting to get in. Once you got in there what to see… More neon; a fancy walkway about half a meter wide with amazing window girls in both sides. You’ll get good glances here… The girls in busier streets were as impressive for me, although there are exceptions. Girls in busier streets usually seem to be the more experienced types who have been around for a little while. No need to disrespect, of course; I do have a pretty specific taste, and I have a story for this. “I visited red light district two nights in a row and after few hours of roaming around, I picked the same girl during both nights. This might be a coincidence since I wouldn’t have chosen to do this, but it may also have to do with my very specific taste”. I found that the younger girls are usually in smaller and less busier streets. By less busier I don’t mean that there will be less pooners. Oh no… pooners will be everywhere where red neon is. I’m not sure why this is, perhaps cheaper space to rent and more affordable for younger SP’s with less experience. Once you learn these little streets and corners, you’ll find it pretty rewarding. There are girls from all around the world including those blonde girls, possibly with russian or eastern europian descent, that are so pretty that you just won’t believe your eyes. Quite humorous how I could hear wow’s of other people who were just stunned by the girls that they were looking at. Mine was the hungarian girl who was in her early 20’s, absolutely georgeus, 50 euro. I was expecting to pay more for this little expensive city. As I’ve mentioned I ended up meeting the same girl again by accident; another 50 euro and another terrific experience. Will go back and post another report!

Prostitution is illegal however, it is said that many agencies are left alone if they pay some pretty hefty fees as businesses. There’s a lot of Toronto independent escorts that you can not resist.

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