Wedding Memories In Toronto

Traditional weddings in Canada seem to be on the wane. In some areas, for the first time in history, more adults are remaining unmarried than adults that marry. In the 2006 poll it was seen that 48.5% of the adult population in Canada were married. It doesnt mean that people are necessarily just divorced or remaining single. This means that slightly more than half, over all in the country, are choosing common law marriages.

Some people believe that it is the fear of divorce that prevents many couples marrying in the first place. Whether this is true or not, divorce has declined somewhat, although the statistics are still pretty bad. It was recently estimated that 30% of marriages end before the 30th anniversary.

However, while this tendency is growing all over the world, not every city in Canada reflects the same trend. Quebec City has the highest number of common law marriages, at 34.5%. Toronto is right down at 7.8%, which means that 92.2% of couples still choose the old fashioned way.

It makes such sense that the momentous occasions of our lives should be celebrated. Events like birth, graduation, marriage and parenthood are the cornerstones of our lives. If we ease into them with no fuss just another day what can there possibly be to celebrate at all? There are possibly no more than about a dozen truly spectacular days in our lives. We just cannot let these just slip by without recognizing the impact they make. They may even be the happiest moments of our lives!

Most people truly live to the full on those special days of celebration, and most people realize the importance of collecting and treasuring the memories those days bring. One of the most precious days that changes the whole direction of our life is our wedding day.

We tend to preserve all sorts of mementoes of this time to keep the memories alive. Dried flowers, champagne corks, invitations, ribbons anything that has attached itself to a precious memory in our minds. A glance, a touch, and the dried rose brings back the sights, sounds and smells of the best day of our lives. But among all these mementos, nothing brings the celebration back to us more clearly than the photographs.

In order to savour these memories long after the wedding day, we need to be thorough in our preparations for the wedding. The preparations such as the eats, the clothes and the speeches will fade into a blur very soon. A mistake or two in that department will soon be forgotten. But do not make a mistake in choosing your photographer and making preparations for the photographing session. Your photos or lack of them will be there for a lifetime.

The most important thing is to have a good discussion well before the wedding about the backgrounds, settings, lighting and timing of the shots. Check out your photographers portfolio and discuss what effects you would like. Try and arrange for at least a few really good portrait and group shots; the sort you will want to frame and display.

Then find out about catching unexpected, funny, touching and memorable shots, not so much for the superb quality but for the memories they evoke. Dont leave out pictures of the elderly members of your family and friends. One day you may be so glad to have pictures of them.

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