Plant gift For Christmas Flower Box

Happy holidays gardening aficionados! Christmas is near and I bet everybody is excited to fill their home with decorations. I really want to check out how your homes look like when holidays like this come. I believe you guys do have the loveliest house in town. As an enthusiast myself, I still need more ideas to give my house a fresh look this Christmas and I hope to have some great ideas from you. As of this moment, I think that planter box, flower box and terrariums are great home interior contributors.

I want to share with you what I did with my decorations. As for the planter box, I made it an illuminated planter that glows in the dark. It is really stunning during the night. I am using luminous green, red, and white. Everybody loves the illuminated planter. I have it placed on the patio and some in my house. I love the brightness that it brings in my house. You might want to have it as well. I would love to see friends checking and using some planters at home. At least I had given some nice interior and exterior ideas.

My next design is the flower box. Typically, flower boxes are gardening design and usually placed outdoors but some people who got no backyards enjoy the designer container box in their living space. We can place Christmas plants to complete everything. We can plant poinsettias, holly, osmanthus, camellia, pyracantha and Euro tree to make the flower box look more like a holiday decoration. On my end, I have it planted with Euro tree and trimmed it with some ornaments like the pine cones, some red ribbons and placed a nativity scene figurines.

Last yuletide decoration that I added at home aside from my conventional Christmas tree, are glass and bubble terrariums. They are aquarium like glass but is developed or improved to be more useful home decoration. What I did is I inserted some red candles and had some ribbons placed on there. The best thing about glass terrariums, I had them hanging and attached on walls. They really complement my planters and flower box.

Good thing I did some research online and saw some useful holiday decorations that really did a great job at home. I am so happy to share it with you guys as well. But I appreciate if you could give some suggestions as well. I would be happy to make some changes next year. Have a great Christmas!


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