What Makes A Winter Wedding Special

Winter comes to be the season with most important festivals: Christmas and New Year. Each street is full of colorful decorations and festive atmosphere is around everywhere. Why not have a winter wedding? With following reasons, you have no reason to say no.

1.Layers of love

Gorgeous fabrics deemed too weighty for summer-such as sophisticated silk satins and heavy lace-became luxurious possibilities in winter. Look beautiful, but stay warm by wearing a dress with sleeves, or a donning a decorate coat or jacket.

A winter wedding is a fabulous opportunity to not only wear a stunning dress but to consider layering. Adding a bridal jacket to your ensemble essentially gives you two looks (wear your jacket outdoors and remove it for your reception). Winter brides should have fun with a cover-up. They can pair a simple gown with a shrug embellished with ruffles or strong detailing.

Tips: Plush coats and cloaks invoke a feeling of romance. Consider one in a soft silk, crepe or satin fabric, and add a luscious trim-feathers, beads, leather or soft fake fur look divine.

2.Accessories abound

‘Old Hollywood’ is a popular theme for winter events. And it’s all in the details, such as crystal jewellery, gloves and flowers. Handcrafted crystal and pearl bouquets are also made to match your dress.

This is an exciting time of year. There are beautiful blooms in season such as ranunculus, anemones, roses and rose hips, Cattleya orchids, tulips and stock. You connect with the mood of the moment by embellishing your bouquet with chandelier crystals or skeleton leaves, and by binding the stems of your blooms with velvet or Chantilly lace.

Tip: Winter is an ideal time to incorporate atmospheric accessories-consider walking down the aisle while ringing a crystal bell or carrying a glowing candle.

3.Decadent decor

Winter events are ripe for old world decadence that just can’t be replicated when you have sand between your toes, so consider going uber-romantic with the decor. Lush decor makes a winter wedding special, and a decadent look can be achieved whatever your budget.

Vases filled with mossy twigs, berries and even foliage from your own garden, create such a unique look, and are more cost-effective than flowers. If your budget allows, hire chandeliers for an extravagantly glamorous feel. Another ideal is to utilize metallics to reflect the light-old-fashioned candlesticks set upon silver trays really set the room aglow. Fabrics add warmth to a venue too. A chill-out area can be made cosy and luxurious with piles of velvet scattered cushions and soft throws.

Tip: Candles bring a gorgeous glow to any room-arrange them in clusters or floating in crystal bowls. String fairylights around your venue or hire a fairylight chandelier. Consider entwining hand-dyed organza with fairylights to decorate tables and pillars, or hang as an enchanting ceiling canopy.

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