How Long Does it Take to Heal These Blasted Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids can be a right pain, but they can also manifest different types of symptoms such as bleeding which can be just as disconcerting. For many people going through hemorrhoids, one of the first things to cross their minds would be how long is this misery going to last? This article will add some detail to this issue and help you get a better idea of how long your blasted hemorrhoids will last.

So the first thing to say is that unfortunately there is no definitive answer to this question. It depends on the individual and the state of the particular hemorrhoids to say the least. There are many other variables that could come into play too, like the individual’s diet, their level activity and their toilet habits. With this said, what can you expect.

Provided your hemorrhoids have not developed into thrombosed or prolapsed piles there is a good chance that they can shrink away or go down within a few days to a week.

It has to be remembered that most people get hemorrhoids but because they do not sense pain or get any bleeding they have no awareness of their presence. It may be the case that you could be in the same position within a few days if you made some modifications to your lifestyle and eating habits.

Pain and bleeding will often result when pressure is applied to the swollen area causing it to become irritated. In effect, you can heal your hemorrhoids if you minimize the chances of it becoming irritated. In most cases this source of irritation is hard stools. So by modifying your diet such that the stool is motile and soft you may be able to avoid the pain or bleeding. And less irritation will give the hemorrhoids more time to heal or shrink back into the surrounding tissue.

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