Advantages Of Delivery Boxes

Have you missed receiving parcels because you were out? Secure parcel delivery containers will enable you to get your couriers on time. They can be very convenient if you like to order items online. The number of people buying goods for parcel delivery online is slated to rise in 2011. Online payment specialist CyberSource conducted a survey among UK merchants. 77 percent of the respondents said that they expected growth in 2011. Even if you don’t think about the safety of your order when you are booking it, it will be a concern later on.

Post boxes can enable you to say goodbye to “We called when you were out” cards. Let’s take a look at the advantages of delivery containers-

* Post boxes which can sign for a package using a barcode are also available. Most courier companies use hand held terminals, which are compatible with these barcodes.

* Packages which are too big for your letterbox, such as CDs and books, can be slipped through post receptacles.

* These secure parcels, which may otherwise be stolen in your absence, if they are left outside the door by the delivery person.

* They are available in rust resistant steel and weatherproof paint. This enables them to last for a long time, in all kinds of weather- rain, storm, and snow.

* Delivery containers can also be used to receive letters. In case you are travelling, it is safer to have letters put in these boxes. A pile of letters can be a signal to thieves that you are on holiday.

* In case you wish to return items like clothing, you can leave them in key safe boxes. These have a numerical combination, and you can even use them for multiple deliveries in a day.

* Delivery containers have locks that are resistant to picking. Security bolts are supplied for you to fix them to a post or a wall.

* These are usually covered by insurance, because they are considered to be ‘secure outbuildings’. Check with your insurance company to confirm whether they cover delivery receptacles and their contents.

* If you like to order items online, but lead a busy life, you may not be at home to receive parcels. In this case, post containers can receive your parcels for you.

You will gain peace of mind by using this option. Choose a reliable company which has experience in manufacturing post boxes. Giraffe Marketing has been manufacturing Hippo Boxes for the past seven years. In all that time, not a single parcel has been stolen from these containers, so you can be assured about the safety of your goods!

Post boxes are something that every home and business need. Find modern and secure post boxes for your home only at

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