Selecting a Used Box Trailer

In today’s economy, buying a used box trailer is an excellent and viable option. However, there are literally dozens of brands and models of box trailers to choose from. How would one know what brands are best in value and reputation? How would one know what model to choose from: Tilt, tipper, container, flat bed or refrigerator models? Thorough and careful research of hauling needs as well as a trailer’s potential usage, size and weight for a typical load are primary considerations. This coupled with the knowledge of proper inspection of a potential box trailer for quality and security can help narrow down a selection.

There are five brands of box trailers on the market providing the best value for the money. The number one brand is Krone. Best known for its durability, the Krone has the ability to carry large loads. One special feature of the Krone trailers are their adjustable roof to increase load options. With the doors in the back, Krone is suitable for either road or rail hauling. And because Krone is the top brand, there are many models to choose from.

Another great buy are Schmitz trailers. Their trailers are extremely powerful and best suited for long hauls. Schmitz tends to be more on the pricey side, but still provides excellent value for the money.

Then there is the Koegel box trailer. Koegel’s reputation is its durability and resiliency for long hauls. Other appealing features of Koegel are its easy serviceability and availability around the world.

Pacton box trailers are known for their different models and their axel capabilities. Pacton is very popular in Europe and prices vary depending on what the model is. Pacton is known for its stability and spare parts that are readily available. As a platform box trailer, Pacton is easy to maintain as well.

Perhaps the most powerful choice of box trailers would be the Drawbar 4-axle trailer. This is a great performer both on and off the road. As a flatbed trailer with its 30-45-ton capacity, the Drawbar is ideal for long hauling of heavy loads. There are many different models to choose from depending on hauling needs.

Once a brand and model of a trailer is chosen, there are important safety issues to take into consideration. Of course an enclosed box trailer is the most secure. However, when choosing this type of trailer, inspection of its door mechanisms and locks should be done with care. And as with all models, careful inspection of the flooring is equally important as well as inspecting all structural supports to be sure they are sound and secure. Two other important things to consider in determining the right size and load capacity of a trailer is knowing how many axels are needed and what their strength is.

Robert Tate – Region Sales Manager of Mascus UK. Mascus is an electronic marketplace for used trucks, trailers and tractors. Mascus makes trading in box trailers more efficiently by collecting all information about supply and demand in one place. All dealers, producers and end users are welcome to offer their used machines and trucks for sale via the marketplace.

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