The Bridesmaids Jewelry

One of the most traditional bridesmaids gifts is jewelry. Choosing bridesmaids jewelry depends on the style and color of the maids’ dresses, and the theme of the wedding.

If you are a bride and wondering what type of jewelry to pick for your bridesmaids, consider classic pieces. You can never go wrong with a classic jewelry as it is simple, yet elegant. It could be pearl, sterling silver, crystal, or rhinestone jewelry. Usually, a classic piece of jewelry complements formal dresses and traditional gowns.

Your bridesmaids can look at their best with a pair of classic earrings, such as elegant drop style earrings, crystal; silver; or pearl stud earrings, dangle ropes, or small silver hoops. Select a moderate length of drop or dangle styled earrings rather than selecting gaudy ones. Their moderate size will keep them eye-catching and attractive while in their classic outfit.

If you are looking for another piece of classic jewelry for each of your bridesmaids, consider simple pearl chokers, a nice strand of pearls, or simple silver chains. These would make lovely accessories to accentuate the bridesmaids’ traditional attire. For charming alternatives, you may go for a pearl, crystal or other charm necklaces. Remember that the neckline of the bridesmaids’ dresses is a major deciding factor when choosing bridesmaids necklaces. For example, a short strand of pearls will look best for a bridesmaid dress with a squared neckline.

Aside from necklaces and earrings, you might also want to give each of your bridesmaids a matching bracelet. Bridesmaids bracelets come in a wide variety of classic styles as well. If you want pieces that are pretty and have a feminine touch, consider vine style bracelets. While charm bracelets with their engraved names or initials can make a thoughtful keepsake for them. Bracelets usually work well with sleeveless gowns and dresses, or outfits with cap, short, or sheer sleeves. Just forgo the bracelets if your bridesmaids will be wearing full sleeved dresses.

If your wedding is more of a modern style, you might want to skip classic touches on your bridesmaids jewelry. You may consider pretty pink coral earrings and necklaces, delicate anklets, or chunky seashell bracelets if you are planning a beach wedding. For an outdoor or garden wedding, consider jewelry pieces with floral designs, or pieces in soft pastels or bright colors. Swarorvski jewelry is also a contemporary option. Another alternative is a handmade jewelry that is individually designed for each bridesmaid. Handmade pieces are something that your wedding attendants can really treasure and cherish for years to come. They can also make unique bridesmaids gifts that are truly made for your friends only.

You can find a much wider selection for bridesmaids jewelry and other bridal jewelry online. Some of the most popular bridesmaids gifts these days are engraved pieces. Usually, names, initials or a monogram are engraved on the surface of the jewelry. Aside from these stunning items, you can also find other more personalized bridesmaids gifts that are unique and sure to impress your lovely wedding attendants.

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