How to Fix Curtain Rails in a Pelmet Box

Windows have pelmet boxes already in place with curtain rails provided after construction by the builder. However the curtains an owner has may not be compatible with hooks provided. Generally this consist of rails and guiders fixed within the box. This are mostly made of timber and hang above the window level. For bay windows extending outwards the building, they are fixed either into the recess of the window, or straight across the abutting walls.

When fixing the curtain rails in a pelmet box choose the desired type and check the weight of the curtains. This is necessary to avoid rails from buckling under weight. Unscrew the rails from the timber box and remove existing guiders. Plug the screw holes and smoothen. measure the box and mark out the support points for the new rails. Take out the gliders and rollers, estimate the number of hooks appropriate for the curtains. Slide number on the rails.

Take the curtain rails for the pelmet box and measure out the length of each leaf of curtain. If the desired curtain is one measure the pelmet size. For two curtains the rails are measured half the length of the box and an additional minimum ten inches for overlaps. Ensure that each rail is cobbled on one end to achieve the desired overlap. The straight end is fixed to end of pelmet, while cobbled part fixed at the center of the box.

Lift the curtain rail and fix the stopper of gliders first before screwing on the pelmet box. Screw each rail hunger firmly into the curtain box. Since most rails are aluminum, ensure that no sharp cut edges are left without filing. For the cobbled parts add stoppers for gliders an d screw firmly. Pick the curtain and hook desired places. Start from the stopped end. Glide the rollers towards the center with the curtains in place to overlap.

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