Boxing And It’s Use In Self Defense

Boxing is a martial arts sport that emphasizes the use of fists. In fact, it is illegal to use anything but fist in boxing. Boxing utilizes a number of techniques that allows you to strike an opponent with quickness an power that will cause a knock out which will then allow you to win the fight. There are three ways to win a boxing match; by knock out (KO), total knock out (TKO), or by referee decision after a full twelve, three minute rounds is up and neither fighter was able to successfully accomplish the first two means of winning the match. A knock out is when one of the oppositions is knocked down and fails to get up before the referee counts to ten. A total knock out is when one of the oppositions is injured to a point where the fight is stopped for safety reason. The typical rules of boxing include fighting with only fist, not feet, knees, head, or teeth (Mike Tyson). It is also illegal to hit below the belt, both in the leg areas and in the private parts. Tripping, holding, spitting and wresting are also not allowed in the sport. In a usual match, both oppositions wear boxing gloves that are padded to protect the fighters hands as well as provide a grip. Do not be fooled however, the padding of the gloves still does not feel good when being struck in the face by a boxer who knows what they are doing. The speed and strength of a boxer can easily knock out an opponent, padding or not.

Boxing is a sport that many people do in attempt to learn how to defend themselves when the time is right. When learning how to fight, you also learn how to defend against attacks from the opponent. This is perhaps, the most important skill to learn in boxing, as you will need to be able to last longer then the person that you are fighting. It gets really hard to do so when you get hit in the face by every punch the opposition throws. There are a variety of ways one can go about protecting him or herself that can differ based on the attacks that are being thrown. One can learn all of these defensive techniques as well as the offensive techniques that will allow you to be victorious in any match you may be in, in the ring and out.

Many people around the world box as a way to stay in shape. Boxing is an excellent form of exercise that can build strength, stamina, and quickness. These are all characteristics that will and can win a fight for you, and basic training naturally covers these traits. Boxing will give you the confidence you need to fell good about yourself, physically and mentally, as you will feel better then you can ever imagine. The confidence of being able to defend yourself in these circumstances is a feeling that will allow you to be victorious as knowing what you are doing is a huge advantage.

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