White Flower Farm History And Overview

White Flower Farm History and Overview

An Unlikely Start

The White Flower Farm was an unlikely start from the beginning. In fact, the beginnings of the White Flower Farm were never intended to become what it is today. It was originally bought by a married couple who both wrote for high status newspapers. William Harris was a writer for Fortune Magazine and his wife, Jane Grant, was a writer for The New York Times. Together, they wanted to live the ‘country’ life; so they moved to the White Flower Farm to have a nice and quiet place to write. It ended up causing more distraction than intended.

Although the White Flower Farm was quiet enough for two writers to get their work done, it was too distracting in other ways. For instance, these New Yorkers could not believe the beautiful scenery right outside their new front door. It took them away from their work enough to cause some serious decisions to be made. So they decided to step away from writing and start their own horticulture practice right there at the White Flower Farm.

Slow and Steady

Coupled with their enthusiasm for learning and their innovative thinking, they decided to learn as much as possible about growing vegetation. While their competitors grew at tremendous rates, the owners of the White Flower Farm kept a slow and steady pace to ensure they did not spend more than their means allowed. This was done more out of a passion for vegetation rather than a drive for business profits. The original owners kept it until the beloved wife passed away. A few years later, her dear husband sold the White Flower Farm just before he left to join her.

Today, the White Flower Farm continues to run its operations and has brought their many options online for customers’ convenience. They specialize in collecting plants worldwide to offer large catalogs full of choices for their customers. Very little has changed since the original owners started this business. The White Flower Farm still produces unique plants to sell to those who are interested. They are pleased to be able to continue the tradition that was brought on by the passion of the original owners who absolutely loved to farm.

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