A Guide For Grooms to Look and Feel Good on Your Wedding Day

So you are getting married! It’s an exciting day for all concerned. Of course all eyes will be on the bride, but a few will be turned your way, and you should look your best– for the bride, the bride’s family, the assembled folk and yourself.

How you feel about yourself is most important. If you are a groom who has worn a tuxedo and is wearing one for the big day, fine and well. But if you are like most of us and have never worn one before, then it is absolutely necessary that you practice wearing one beforehand. A man in a tux with good posture, self-assurance and dignity is very attractive; this is the effect you want.

Whatever you are wearing, practice wearing it with all the frills ahead of time. The flower in the lapel, the shiny new cuff-links with the French cuffs; the well-groomed hair; the unscuffed shoes with their unbroken laces; the belt or, better, braces fitted just as they should be– all of these accessories should be part of your practice sessions. True, you won’t be moving much, but once people see you, they will note everything about you. That means you must have all the accessories right. If you are not wearing a tux then be sure to get the tie and vest, if you plan on using one, just perfect.

When in doubt, get advice. Your mother might help, but you may need to ask a style conscious friend or even a reliable clothing store representative. Make sure that the ensemble looks great and that you are showing off your best assets as well. There’s no way you can or should overshadow the bride, but you can and must complement her. Do not wear any strong scents; they may compete with the bride’s and produce an unfortunate combination. Do wear comfortable underwear, deodorant and shoes; you will be standing and sitting for lengthy periods of time and you will need to feel at ease.

Take your time choosing your accessories and make sure you feel secure with them. When you slip that ring on her hand, you do not want that lovely cuff to get in the way. A successful wedding ceremony is a good start to a marriage. You are one-half of that. Look your best by feeling at your best!

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