Traditional Wedding Cakes Worldwide

Wedding cakes play an important part in wedding parties of almost all couples because they are considered as lucky gifts to congratulate and honor the brides and grooms. Furthermore, the wedding cake reflects customs of each nation worldwide. For instance, Tteok is a traditional Korean cake, so many couples here choose this cake for their wedding day. The traditional English wedding cake is a fruitcake or the traditional weddings in German always have a nut-rich sponge cake. Let’s find out some delicious cakes in different countries through the following photos. Surely, you will feel hungry when looking at these cakes.

Sweet tteok is the traditional wedding cake in Korea. It is made of steamed glutinous rice flour and covered in red bean powder. Korean people also eat sweet tteok on special occasions like New Year’s Day or birthdays


The traditional Indonesian wedding cake is a massive and layered creation called “lapis Surabaya”. The layers represent a ladder of success for the couple


Traditional English wedding cake is a fruitcake, usually made with raisins, ground almonds, cherries and marzipan. The fruitcake is also served at the wedding reception with another traditional cake called the groom’s cake


The traditional wedding in German always has a nut-rich sponge cake, which is usually laced with liqueur or syrup, filled with jam, marzipan or nougat and covered in fondant


In France, the traditional wedding cake called “croquembouche”. It is a tall tower of cream-filled pastries coated in caramel and formed into a pyramid shape.


Ukrainian couples share a type of wedding bread called “Korovai”. It is considered a sacred part of the wedding feast


Many couples in Greek prefer a flourless almond cake, which is filled with vanilla custard and fruit and covered in sliced almonds


No Italian wedding would be complete without “zuppa inglese” filled with chocolate custard, vanilla custard, rum cream, and fruit



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