How Long Does It Take To Earn A Kenpo Black Belt

In Karate, Kenpo or Taekwondo there is a certain length of time that it should take to earn a black belt. These things are pretty much set in stone, but have been wildly abused by martial arts styles. Still, it is possible, if you understand certain things, to make your system easy to learn in a couple of years.

First, you should understand that karate, kenpo and taekwondo have evolved from the same beginnings, and that is why there is a relative standard of time that it takes to achieve the first dan. Ed Parker learned and taught Heian forms from karate in the beginning of kenpo, and tekwondo developed form the eight houses, or Kwans, that were basically Japanese karate. Gung Fu arts rely on the same commonality of body motion, and thus are defined by the same rules.

There should be eight patterns to the expert belt ranking. These forms are usually the five pinans, and they have lineage to Okinawa and have equivalent forms in taekwondo. Kenpokas and other types of stylists will have to delve into their arts further to find eight forms that define what they are doing.

There should be about 72 techniques in the curriculum. This is the number of tricks that if studied will cover the basics of the art, and will take a student to the intuitive state of mind that is necessary to be get to the first dan ranks. More than this and it is confusing, less than this and there isn’t (normally) sufficient knowledge.

The art should consist of a blend of forms, techniques, and freestyle. Blending martial arts kata, bunkai and kumite allows the concept of a perfect move to be constructed and bridged from theory to reality. Any art that doesn’t have all three should actually not be considered an art, as it will not give the benefits, no matter what anybody says, that are possible through these three practices.

The direction of the art should be always be aimed towards good control. No matter how people state that an art must be made more real, it becomes less real as it forsakes control. One must learn to control their body, their fellow man, and then the world becomes a better place where conflicts are less likely to occur.

An art should be a blend of power, speed and technique. Power doesn’t necessarily lead to speed, but speed can lead to power, so speed is superior to power. Technique, is always going to be superior to both.

These items all held to in one’s training, along with a proper study of how basics really work, and one can earn a black belt in as little as one year, though two years is probably a better time. If one learns too fast it shows that he hasn’t spent enough time actually controlling his body, and so lacks the basics of controlling his mind. To learn slower is spinning your wheels.

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