Smencils – Catching A Rainbow In A Box

From elementary age students to high schoolers, Smencils are a fun, profitable fundraising product. Smencils are pencils bursting with great gourmet scents that are sure to tickle your senses. It is the finest smelling pencil that you will ever come across. Besides smelling great, Smencils are environmental friendly and a fundraiser with a purpse. Kids love them! Parents love them! Teachers love them!

The making of Smencils is very unique. They start off as a bunch of 100% recycled newspaper. The newspapers used are then wrapped around a #2 granite writing core until reaching the typical thickness of a pencil. After being soaked in 10 different gourmet scented oils, the gourmet scented pencils are left to dry and harden. It allows them to be sharpened just like any other ordinary wood pencil. The eco-friendly erasers are attached and stickers are positioned around each piece in order to identify which scent is infused into each Smencil. Lastly, it’s placed in an individual biodegradable Freshness Tube. Even the buckets they come in are recyclable. They are guaranteed to last up two years, whether in or out of the tube.

Smencils will make writing just as much fun for your nose as it is for your eyes. You can see the newsprint in the layers of newspaper when you sharpen them, and shavings smell great too. Aside from the standard gray lead, Smencils are available in colored lead packs. Bright colors are used to match the color of its mouthwatering scents. So Watermelon scent writes in green and Grape scent writes in purple. Other yummy scents to choose from are Black Cherry as black, Root Beer as brown, Bubble Gum is pink, Cinnamon is red, Tropical Blast is yellow, Very Berry is blue, Cotton Candy is light blue and Orange, well it’s orange.

Smencils are great environmental friendly product for fundraising. They promote a good cause by being green, natural product. Smencils are also profitable and is a great hit in the market because of their simplicity and creativity. They are great for kids and adults alike. So, grab that rainbow of colors and scents and place them in your box.

Juan is the owner of AIM Fundraising located in Houston, Texas. Since 1988, AIM has help non profit groups all over the U.S. to raise more than 28 million dollars.

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