The Difference In Bathroom Lighting

The simple answer to why bathroom lighting is different to everything else is that it needs to be waterproof. With all that steam and water and damp in a bathroom, the lights need to be made especially for a bathroom in order to be safe. Electricity and water are generally not a good mix and that is why bathroom lighting needs an IP65 safety rating. If you choose specialist bathroom lights then you can even have lights in the shower and over the bath. You can buy safety rated waterproof and showerproof lights in low voltage and mains voltage options and there are also fire rated safety options available too. Because of the huge amount of styles and colours that bathroom lights are available in, you don’t need to worry about having unattractive lighting in the bathroom.

Do you like the idea of square shaped shower downlighters? These are a lovely addition to any bathroom and can be bought in polished chrome. These have an IP65 safety rating against moisture and dust ingression and so they are safe to use in the bathroom. These can provide a clean and contemporary feel to any bathroom. If you prefer round lights then you could always choose the same light but in a round shape. There are plenty of other lights to choose from though.

How about wall lights? You could have the stylish and elegant Catena Bathroom Wall Light above or beside your bathroom mirror. When it comes to a light over the mirror it is vital that you have one that is bright enough that you can see what you are doing, but not so bright that you feel like you are on a floodlit football pitch. Having an elongated light such as this is perfect because it prevents shadows appearing over your face. The frosted opaque glass over the bulb in this particular type of light makes it look beautiful and ensures it is perfectly safe too for the bathroom environment. It provides a good focus point in the bathroom and offers excellent task lighting too.

Planning your home lighting can be a daunting task. You need good task lighting in some areas but in others you want to have mood lighting so you can sit peacefully after a hard day’s work. In the bathroom this is no different. Whilst it is wonderful to be able to do your makeup and shave in plenty of light, you also want the option of turning the lights down low to enjoy a quiet bath. If you have this option you can really turn your bathroom into a home spa. The best idea in the bathroom is having dimmer switches. That way you can have the lights turned up bright when you need them but they can also be turned down low when you want to have a long bath. There are other lighting considerations to make in the bathroom however.

Often people like to read in the bath. Having a light situated above the end of the bath is therefore an excellent idea. Whilst the rest of the bathroom lights are turned down low, you can have one light that is bright and allows you to read with ease. This truly provides the best of both worlds.

There are many different types of light to choose from in the bathroom so the only difficultly will be choosing what lights to buy. From very contemporary to stylish and elegant, bathroom lights are available to suit all tastes and budgets. Whether is it bathroom lighting you need or commercial lighting, perhaps even recessed lighting, you should buy online where the best deals and discounts are available. With delivery to your door and safe online shopping, nothing could be simpler.

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