Pakistan ? in the light of 2011

For the past three decades the influence of United States on Pakistan has only deepened. Programs like war on terror and other militant operations where on one hand has weakened the economic as well as social infrastructure of the country, on the other it also has provided tremendous opportunities to capitalize on the weaknesses by asking financial aid from US. Albeit every time Pakistan has to offer more and more to the US in lieu of the financial assistance that seldom is seen on the economic development of the country. Most often it is siphoned off with corruption.


Over time many a catastrophic operations that take place every few days along side the border of Pakistan in the form of missiles and bombings predict an uncertainty for Pakistan, especially when it is evident how every time US goes on complaining of ‘noncooperation’. This probably will decrease in 2011, as Pakistan will be able to get hold to some extent on terrorism. This might be because of the reason that US already has many opponents around. The manner in which Latin America along with Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan hold a staunch antipathy towards the US, despite the fact that this block sells oil at a cheaper rate to the US and itself is dependant upon her on many aspects of assistance, makes US realize that it no longer could afford another war.


China, which most of the time Pakistan has least bothered about might increase its assistance in many areas of economic development. Despite the fact that China is more concerned about dealing with India, it still will help Pakistan to seek meaningful assistance. India will not be troublesome anymore as it has many a personal problems of its own, and getting into a contentious issue with Pakistan is only going to make matters worse, that both countries no longer afford. Many opportunities that in the past years never have showed up will arise. On the average Pakistan will not be a looser in 2011 and would have plenty of options ahead to prove it worthy of development.

They say I am a philosopher, a poet, a person who knows the politicking going around every nook and cranny. I being a simple human being, enjoy the nerves lying in between distinguishing the mystery that unfolds the ongoing warfare truth holds and the ability to react to the warfare that goes on and on in the mind of a politicker, someone who knows the potential it takes to play with the words.

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