Artificial Wedding Flowers

Why pay a premium for fresh flowers at a wedding?

What is it about florists? They hear the word wedding and suddenly the prices of their flowers seem to go through the roof. Want to make savings with your wedding flowers? Heres a little tip. Pay for Artificial Wedding Flowers instead. At this point alarm bells might be ringing in the heads of certain brides but Artificial Wedding Flowers are a genuine alternative to real flowers at nuptials. Theyre beautiful, bespoke bouquets created to the brides individual requirements and they cost less than freshly cut flowers.

Consider handsome hand tied floral arrangements for your big day and your Artificial Wedding Flowers will be designed exclusively for your needs.

Why choose Artificial Wedding Flowers over real flowers?

Thats a fair question. Apart from the obvious cost implications Artificial Wedding Flowers give you a greater deal of flexibility. You can pick and choose your favourite flowers regardless of the season. No longer are you limited to in-season floral arrangements; Artificial Wedding Flowers make it possible for you to have your beloved blooms at any time of the year.

Worried about wedding flowers wilting? They wont if theyre artificial. You could get married on the hottest day of the year and the Artificial Wedding Flowers will still look wonderful.

Perfect for allergy sufferers, Artificial Wedding Flowers are beautiful bouquets that look just like the real thing.

How real is real?

The quality and lifelike appearance of Artificial Wedding Flowers makes them hard to distinguish from freshly picked flowers. Its true! Hand tied Artificial Wedding Flowers look amazing and they have the ability to fool all of your wedding guests. Your bridal bouquet, the bridesmaids bouquets, buttonholes and centrepieces for the tables could be designed using Artificial Wedding Flowers and nobody would be any the wiser.

What about the scent though? You cant mimic that can you? Yes you can. Perfume is available for Artificial Wedding Flowers that provides them with a fresh flower fragrance.

Still think you need fresh flowers for your wedding? Think again. Artificial floral arrangements are the viable alternative thatll look amazing on your big day. specialise in Artificial Wedding Flowers . We hand tie all of our bridal bouquets into beautiful, bespoke arrangements. We design them individually; visit us for Artificial Wedding Flowers .

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