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In Davos, Switzerland, the annual theme of “improving the state of the world: to rethink, redesign, rebuild.”

Five attending the closing session of the Co-Chairs:
Deutsche Bank chairman Josef Ackermann (JosefAckermann)
Wipro (Wipro), chairman Azim Premji (AzimPremji) Chief Executive Officer of Standard Chartered Bank
Xian Bode (PeterSands) Aetna Insurance (Aetna), chairman of Ronald Williams (RonaldWilliams)
ADM chairman Patricia Wuer Si (PatriciaWoertz)
1 31, the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, today closed five years, co-chairs will summarize results of a five-day meeting. Chief Executive Officer of Standard Chartered Bank

Xian Bode (PeterSands) pointed out that this year’s meeting is more difficult than last year because last year the financial crisis first appeared a few months, we still managed to fight the crisis relatively consistent, the situation this year is to embrace their own countries, The most prominent problem is unemployment, the problem also plagued the developed countries and developing countries.

ADM chairman Patricia Wuer Si (PatriciaWoertz) also concerned about the employment problem of the political pressure on governments, will strengthen protectionist. She also quoted Bill Gates said, should try to double the income of farmers, so one hand can help the poor, while the next step could be to promote economic recovery. She also appreciates the Gates Foundation announced that 10 billion U.S. dollars over the next decade contribution to poor vaccination.

Wurz also mentioned the “green opportunities”, which is also to address climate change and financial crises, the public can increase the environmental protection industry and related

Deutsche Bank chairman Josef Ackermann (JosefAckermann) pointed out that the unemployment rate as high as 14-15% in Europe, this can not be solved simply by the power of the government, the private sector should be involved, it is the first global financial crisis, they need new thinking to solve, more innovative approaches to increase employment

He also worried about the younger generation discouraged about employment prospects, all should be at pains to understand, study hard and work as long as they still have a very good cause.

He also pointed out that the annual meeting we talk about a lot of micro-credit model, a number of agencies or organizations successful experience for others may help promote small business development, increase employment opportunities.

In addition, he also suggested that the Group of Twenty (G20) mechanism, the establishment of B20, the joint forces of 20 national business community to promote economic recovery.

Wipro (Wipro), chairman Azim Premji (AzimPremji) claimed that, in the service sector and high-tech industries, the employment problem is not serious, but which need more training . He also raised a worry that some farmers do not have academic training or qualifications, his solution is that they become self-employed, he cited China’s “self-employed” mechanism that can bring economic vitality.

Aetna Insurance (Aetna), chairman of Ronald Williams (RonaldWilliams) that needs a new model to increase employment, such as health care industry is a huge potential of the industry, can create many job opportunities.

He added that information technology can combine with the health care industry, enable the global community anytime, anywhere access to health through information technology or health messages.

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