What to expect from your basic triathlon

Due to trademark restrictions on the name Ironman you’ll see many longer triathlons referred to as “iron distance”. For your first triathlon you should focus on the “sprint” distance. This is typically between 400-800 meters swimming in a pool or lake, 20 kilometers of bicycling and 5 kilometers of running.

You will probably wonder how much training you should do for a first triathlon. It depends on your goals but at a minimum you should train for each sport 1 time per week. If your schedule permits training twice per week for each sport will help you feel more comfortable during the race and after the race. During your training, you should also pay attention to the distance of each leg in your training cycles. There are many free online resources for a sprint triathlon training plan. Think about which of the 3 events is your strongest and then which one is your weakest. Give your weaker event more focus in your training.

One of the biggest training mistakes you can make is focusing too much on your favorite event. When you are going on the difficulty running, you can spend more time on doing it. But if you are good at swimming, this can be avoided easily. For many people swimming tends to be their weakest event. But this doesn’t mean you are not good at swimming. There are many public swimming facilities, you can choose one to training which in accordance with your level. You also can seek if there are any swim team which can offer private lessons. If you are really ambitious you could consider joining the greatest local swimming team. A great way to boost your swim training is to use swim fins. This will give you some added propulsion to help you stay up on the water and focus on your proper freestyle technique. There are even some great training videos available that teach proper swimming technique.

Another training method is that you can run after riding your bike when you are training. If you don’t do this, you will feel pretty strange at the beginning. Your legs will be tried of spinning circles and you force them to switch directions. If this condition appears, you should take more time to practice getting off your bike quickly, putting away your cycling gear, and then putting on your running gear. In this way, it will help you to simulate your transitions during the race. It seems so simple but when you’re tired and in a hurry you can save valuable time with a fast transition.

When you cross the finish line after your first triathlon, it will be the most important milestone for you. You will feel a lot of achievements. You will be a member of triathlete after you do this.

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