Light of hopes

It had been several days since the priest saw Sophie. Sophie disappeared with the lost of the bride. Worried about some terrible things, the priest searched everywhere to find the bride. Although he tried anything he knew and asked everyone familiar to help, no clues were got and huge fear grew in his heart. When he got the news that some white birds were dying in the forest, he though that it might be related to Sophie. But Sophie could not be emerged into the mug again, it might make the world sink in a chaos. The unusual death of white birds, the recent behavior of Sophie, all things seemed to be in a wrong way. And now, the bride was lost, because she might had certain relation with the Goddess, or she wore the bridal gown made by the price of white birds. Puzzled by such situation, the priest thought the next big thing in the village might be that he announced the depletion of the whole world. We human beings were living like a boat driving on a raged sea, and danger would come in any time depending on the bad weather. So when the priest got the imformation that white birds died in the forest, he called his assistant for help and rushed into the forest. Traced with the dead birds, the priest wished to find the place for the white birds kindom. Not carefully considered, they were attacked by a flock of bees. But he ran in the opposite direction compared with his assistant. The bees were so many that the priest Samus had never met in other place. So it confirmed him that the thing he was persuing was right in front of him. Bearing the serious hurt, Samus succeeded in breaking in a hidden hole covered by grasses. Desperate birds hole, all birds were laying down on the ground, dead. No hurt could be found in their bodies, and they died exactly as Irrilia dis. So Irrilia was just a start, he was not the last one. Suddenly it ran into Samus’s though that they might all died for Sophie, and the reason could be deduced by Sophie’s words”the feather, for Lucia”. It was him who obeyed the goddess’s dictation, and suggested to use Irrilia’s feather for Lucia’s bridal gown. Lucia’s bridal gown was exactly silimar with the Sophie’s, and that could be a reason. He was mislead by Sophie, so he shouted, blamed himself for trusting Sophie so much. Gently, a ghost came close to him. It was Sophie, and she opened her mouth again” No, my child, it was not a desperate bridal gown. It was our last light of hope”

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