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If you want to drive in the foreign places, the most important thing you should pay attention to all the international road signs, and you’d better familiar with those signs. If you are driving in Greek, it must be the a good thing, for the signs are pictographs. That was a bad pun, but you should get what I’m saying. Do a little research for driving in foreign places.

Understand the meaning of these signs. Most guidebooks and maps list them, but you don’t want to be looking in the book to find that the white horizontal slash on a red sign means “Do Not Enter” just as you have driven down the street!

What the meaning of the driving customs? Which sign means pass and which sign mesns not pass? If you don’t know how to distinguish these, the simple way is to observe how the local drivers do, and you just need to imitate from them. Back to Greece, when the truck drivers were telling us it was safe to pass, they stuck their left arm out, now in the U.S., that’s the old arm signal for turning left. It took us a couple of days to figure out that they weren’t turning, just waving us around.

When you are driving on the freeways, you’d better not just drive on the fast or left lane, the multiple lanes are for you to change. For Europeans, the faster lanesare used to move over other cars. It is surprised for Europeans to see slower drivers just staying in any lane of the freeways and never moving over for faster cars. Americans should take a lesson here.

Sometimes, you may drive on the different side of the road which you never happen to this. Drivers on the right may have a slight edge, but throughout the world it’s pretty evenly split for who drives on the left and who drives on the right. If you are driving on the wrong way, you should pay more attention to your personal safety.

You should drive carefully. Don’t let local drivers press you to drive faster than you’re comfortable. If someone flashes their lights at you, pull over, and let them pass. To the skillful driver, if they find you are still drive on the same lane, they can easily get ahead of yours. Don’t let your ego get in the way, they’ve had more practice.

You should take care of that the speed limits and distances are measured differently in the geographical region. In most countries, you will find that certain distances are metric, so the speed will have limits. The miles are also be used in the United States of America. The speed in the freeways of the United States of America, ups to 65 miles per hour. That translates to 105 km/h. After the speed is posted, so when you are driving, you should pay attention to the speed limits. For distances, use roughly 0.6 mile per kilometer or 1.6 kilometer per mile. After you know these knowledge, you can just have fun!

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