A Ray of Light

Just below the surface, under the top soil lies a world of darkness and life. It is here that a seedling begins its journey to find life and to grow to its fullest potential. Breaking from its outer shell, that has protected and covered the delicate contents of life, the seedling touches the fertile soil which envelopes it. Drawing from the soil much needed nourishment and water, growth begins, sprouting in many different directions searching for constant fulfillment of food.

Soon the nourishment provided by the soil and the water found in the depths of the dark earth are not enough to satisfy this seedling. It begins reaching upward for nourishment that will provide inner strength and color to its world. Pushing slowly and cautiously, the sprout moves closer to the surface of the earth, continuing to draw upon the fertile soil for strength. This small and sometimes fragile existence soon breaks through a few grains of soil, pushing hopefully towards a ray of light shining through the darkness along its path.

Strength and hope are found anew as the seedling sprout moves toward the warm ray of light. Gradually the entire sprout has penetrated the earth soil and is fully engulfed in the brilliant warm light of life. The sprout develops into a strong and sturdy stem which supports the branches and leaves. The leaves absorb the light, converting it into food, and they direct the water from the skies down the stem to the thirsty roots below. Solidly anchored in the earthen soil, this plant grows in strength and stature. Time provides a steady growth and mere existence thickens the stem into a trunk of much strength and magnitude.

Earthbound and heavenly bound, the seedling has become a mighty tree connecting to two worlds working in unison and expending the beautiful energy of life to all whom come into its presence. To the earthly needs of the nature of which depends on it, it provides shelter, food, protection, and strength.

To the quiet observer this magnificent seedling continues to reach toward the heavens for its greatness; for it is in the heavens that we find the inner growth, hope and peace needed to complete our lives. In the storms of the earth plane, it bends but does not falter; in the calm it provides strength; and in the ever changing world the tree reminds us never to abandon our quest for everlasting life.

The eldest of three children, I was raised in a christian home in rural Illinois. A college graduate , I chose a career path in the medical field. Married and divorced, I guided two children to adulthood. From a very early age I have known of a strong spiritual presence in my life and I feel privileged to share their guidance. For more inspirational writings please visit her at JohnnaShryack.com

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