Wedding Flowers For Every Month

You are probably familiar with birthstones, the tradition that people born in each month have a special gemstone. But did you know that there is also a flower associated with every month of the year? When you are planning a wedding, it is a wonderful idea to incorporate meaningful flowers into your bouquet. It would be lovely to include either the flower for your birth month or the special blossom for the month in which you will be wed. This is a guide to wedding flowers for every month of the year.

The flower for January is the carnation. This is a humble flower, but one that can easily be elevated to modern chic by the way in which it is arranged. Mound loads of carnations in tight clusters to create nifty pomanders and centerpieces in footed urns. February brides can enjoy the sweet old-fashioned charm of violets and primroses. Painted flowerpots filled with delightful violets would be quaint and lovely.

March ushers in the first breath of spring, and along with it the most quintessential spring flower: the daffodil. This cheerful yellow (or yellow and white) bloom is the perfect way to chase away the gloom of winter. Mini daffodils work especially well in bouquets. April bride or born? Try a bouquet of ruffly old fashioned sweetpeas, which come in wonderful shades of pink, peach, yellow, and lilac.

One of the most beloved of all wedding flowers is the birth flower of May, which is lily-of-the-valley. The tiny white or lilac colored blossoms make for lovely bouquets. They are best used in an arrangement that features only lily-of-the-valley. The delicate little flowers are sweet and absolutely iconic of a classic bride. Tie the bouquet with a simple white satin ribbon for the perfect finishing touch. Lily-of-the-valley is a flower that is best used when in season.

June is known as the month for brides, and so it can be no accident that two of brides’ favorite things are also associated with the month of June. Classic roses and pearl bridal jewelry are both the symbols of June birth, and are cherished by women being wed in every month of the year. Roses are widely available all year round and in a fabulous selection of colors and varieties. You don’t have to be a June baby to want to carry a big bouquet of roses on your wedding day.

The signature flower for July is the larkspur. A tall plant with a multitude of blossoms on every stem, the larkspur is an excellent addition to wedding arrangements in which height is needed, such as planters on the altar. The same is true for the August flower, the gladiola. As a matter of fact, I had white glads in my wedding flowers to give presence to the large ceremony arrangements.

Autumn born brides can enjoy flowers in rich fall tones. The aster is the September flower, and it is available in a great shade of red. The casual daisy-like aster also comes in pretty shades of purple and white. The flower for October is the marigold. Infrequently seen at weddings, the hardy marigold could nonetheless make a nice addition. The orange shades of the signature flower can be enhanced by pairing it with bridal jewelry created from opal colored Swarovski crystals (opal being the October birthstone).

Cold winter months bring with them some lovely signature flowers of their own. The flower for November is the mum, which can be a pretty and affordable addition to a late fall wedding. And finally, there is the Narcissus, which is December’s flower. A beautiful bulb that is often forced in pots over the winter months, tiny pots with a single Narcissus would be fantastic as table decorations that could double as favors for your guests to take home.

It is always fun when you can find ways to add layers of meaning to your wedding. Including the signature flower for the month of your birth or the date of your wedding is a great idea. It will make your flowers not just beautiful, but also extra special.

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