Wedding Drinks Packages

Wedding Drinks Packages

When planning your wedding, it can be difficult to know what quantities of drinks and alcohol will actually be consumed.  If you are hiring a venue where you can supply your own drinks or having your function at home any beverages remaining can always be consumed at a later date.

If your venue or caterer is supplying drinks at a hotel or licensed venue, it may be the case that many people will not drink as they will need to drive home.  This was the case at a wedding we attended recently.  When guests arrived drinks were flowing, and the atmosphere was great.  When we sat down for plated dinners, there were water glasses, champagne glasses, red and white wine glasses.  At one point in the evening I had 5 different drinks in front of me…and I only planned to have one glass of red wine with dinner.  It did seem a waste of staff time, beverages and money.  As the beverage package was paid for in advance, the staff did not seem to worry who was drinking what and filled every glass in front of us.

 Many of the gentlemen were drinking beer or wine, with the majority of women drinking wine or soft drinks. I know for myself that it is best not to mix drinks, and stuck to water and wine.  A portion of the guests paid for their own drinks so they could have spirits.

Speaking with guests the next day, a large number of guests did not drink much at all and given the amount paid for the drinks package it seemed like a huge waste of money.

Do consider having an open bar for some weddings, as this may save money for drinks that are not consumed.  While some guests will take advantage of free drinks, there is only so much one person can consume within a limited period of time.  If each drink is quite expensive, this may not be the best option.  Another way to limit the bar tab is to charge guests a nominal amount for spirits.  I did notice that one table kept spending money for spirits and mixers, even though soft drinks were part of the beverage package. 

It is a great idea to speak to your guests, and even include details with your invitation regarding drinks.  This will let people know in advance what is available.

Each function and wedding is different, so it can be difficult to know what option may be best suited for you.  Don’t feel pressured that you need to supply each person a glass for every drink option, because once the function has started guests are too busy talking to people they haven’t seen for a while, or busy enjoying themselves that it won’t really matter.

Enjoy your function and beverages available!

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