Unveiling The Bridal Veil

Bridal veils are a bit tricky since they function both as part of tradition and also stand for style. There are hundreds of details when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding veil fit for your face, your gown or your desired overall look. But after considering everything fashion-related about the veil, here are some very important points every bride should know about wearing bridal veils.

The big question for brides is, do I have to wear a veil? Wearing a veils is actually a long-standing tradition. It may not be directly related to religion, but then veils are seen as a symbol of purity and are great in achieving a more dramatic effect for the bride’s look. It is optional for weddings which are not held inside a church or a religious place of worship. The decision is actually dependent on the bride, consider comfort, style and if you do actually want to go for what’s conventional. Wedding veils are icons of any bride, so be sure you get the big picture before closing the deal on the matter.

Do veils apply only for first weddings? Can it be worn during the second? Because it is the new millennium, there are no absolute rules as to veils. If before it used to signify virginity, modesty and cleanliness, now it is an indispensable part of the bride’s wardrobe. If it is your second wedding and you wouldn’t want to throw off the old folks, why not don a birdcage style veil? Still get that dramatic feeling with the veil covering your face. If you are religious, you may consult your priest, minister or any religious leader to be safe, or have a good talk with your wedding coordinator before calling the shots.

Should the veil be worn the entire day? If not, when can I take it off? A veil is typically worn for the entire wedding ceremony – it is lifted before the grand kiss at the end of the rites but then it is still worn during the formal photo sessions that follow. It can be taken off before the reception or after the first dance, but some do still wear it all throughout the day until they bid farewell to all the guests. If the veil is too long and you are afraid it will be the cause of any untoward accidents at dinnertime, you can still opt to switch to a shorter one for the reception only. Most hair dressers choose taking it off before entering the reception hall, right before retouching the make up and redoing the hair in time for partying.

Wedding veil plus tiara? Too much? Not at all, the trick is choosing the right style of wedding tiara to match the veil. The tiara actually gets to make the veil more secure since some hair accessories have loops designed for the veil to be hooked to. Try on different cuts and styles to get the perfect combination of both. After all, the queen of the day should come with her crown, right?

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