I’m Proud To Be an American Veteran

I was born in 1945, so I lived throughout the Cold War…and, in the year 2006, and for all the young people out there, the Cold War, was a dangerous game of chess between two super-powers…the United States and the then Soviet Union pointing nuclear weapons at each other, which would ultimately destroy all of humanity!

I was in high school, when the Cuban Missile Crisis happened, and that’s when Soviet ships steamed toward Cuba, bringing nuclear missiles, to station them on Cuba, and President Kennedy stopped the Soviets, by placing a block-aid around the island! We were all scared to death that this was the beginning of World War III and the elimination of the human race from the Earth! The United States prevailed in this confrontation with the Soviet Union, as the Soviet ships turned around and went back to Russia!

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“Freedom is not free.” Those are the words on a sign in the lobby at the Veterans Medical Hospital, in Albuquerque, New Mexico where I live. Millions of American’s have paid with there lives for peace and freedom around the world! When freedom is threatened…the United States must act!

We have all heard of them…the disciples of the devil…Hitler; Saddam; Noriega; Milosovic in Bosnia. The American people should be proud of the fact, that the United States has taken the lead for many years, in eliminating so much of the evil from the world!

Over the past decade or so, the United States have had to deal with the cowards, who call themselves terrorists! And, during 9/11 America was attacked for the first time by these cowards, who hide behind women and children! There is no spider hole deep enough to hide these cowards from the American’s who will hunt them out…one by one! The American people are fed up with them, and those who threaten and prey on innocent civilians!

The American way of life has been threatened! I read an article recently (12/06) about how the attendance in our National Parks has been down in recent years. The article didn’t say the reasons, but I believe it’s because of fear American’s have, not only because of increased violence here in America, but the terrorist threat all over the world! Would you take your family and camp out for days at a wilderness site someplace and take your chances? Probably not!

When there is evil in the world…American’s must act to eliminate it from the Earth. And, I know I speak for every veteran across the nation, that we all would put on that uniform again, if it meant removing evil from the Earth, so our kids and grand kids can enjoy a quality of life and be safe!

The will and the strength of the American people will never be defeated by anyone…NEVER! Freedom is not free! And yes, there have been American’s who have paid the ultimate price for freedom! Over the years, the Red, White and Blue has been good to me and my family, and I’m proud to be an AMERICAN VETERAN!

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