Asian Bridal Makeup and Mehdi

Asian weddings are busy times for brides. The household of the bride is more busy, lively and full of action than any other time. The bride may have Mahdi, Sangeet as well as the wedding day reception, and apart from these few other family traditions such as treats from uncles and family, the groom will also be waiting for his Waleema, as well as the wedding reception day.

The event may start a week earlier than the big day, but the preparation and arrangements start month in advance. The Mehdi, as we call it, or henna night, is not an easy task. An expert will be appointed for the task. It will start in the morning and may take up to four hours for the job to be completed. Further to that two hours will be needed for drying time, which means the bride will have to sit in one position for hours, and then walk around for another two, with their hands in the air and touching nothing.

Once the henna is on the hands and feet then someone will have to feed the bride and help her on other issues. She also must not shake hands with anybody, which can be a real nightmare, but it is very enjoyable too as Medhi is a tradition of Asia. It is not faith related – Muslims and Hindus and almost all Asian faiths put on Mehdi as brides.

Mehdi colours can stay on the hands for up to a week. Mehdi designs are very traditional. In some parts of India, Mehdi is so popular that now it has it’s own night. Many ladies will gather and sing traditional Mehdi songs. This is a female only night, and lots of dancing will also take place.

Then there is the make up for the bride. This could take up to three hours on the wedding day. Again the bride will be sitting in one place for hours without moving much. It can be painful, but it is an important part of the wedding, and no pain no gain, as they say.

Make up artists are hired or booked a year in advance, and it could cost up to £500 per day. This could be around £100 in India and other parts of Asia.

Mehdi has it’s own theme, such as decor in line with mehdi colours. Rajasthani themes are the best, as they are colourful. Food normally consists of chaat stalls, and this is the female only event. Most of the Asian women are fond of Indian chaat food, such as paanipure, bheal puri, padadi chaat, samosa, pakora, dahiwada, roti wrap, saak pure, chola, green salad, lassi, papad and keer.

An Asian bride would not be a bride withouth Mehdi and makeup, chaat food stalls and a Mehdi night.


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