True Green Planet Takes Steps to a Cleaner Future

What is a True Green Planet?

A  True Green Planet is consisting of clean air, fresh water and lots of trees that surrounds it. We are so blessed to live in a world where we enjoy so many rights and natural resources. However, we seem to have lost touch with our connection to the earth. And it will be too late to prevent losing these good resources. Despite our uncountable chances, our environment is being threatened by a range of problems, such as global climate change and loss of biodiversity.

We can work it out for it’s not yet too late. We are so fortunate to do the simple way of planting new trees but it is somehow neglected. To fight with the greatest problem, Global warming, we must do reforestation and avoiding using energy at home and burning fuel. In this case we try to lessen the amount of carbon dioxide that enters to our earth’s atmosphere causing the destruction of the ozone layer. Start with promoting an effective green ways of solutions. Reducing, Reusing and Recycling are its keys in preventing these ranging problems.

Take Strides

Ronald Shane Flynn discover the path to a cleaner future, founding True Green Planet, he wants to provide the people with the knowledge needed to take social responsibility, whether corporate or personal, to a new level.

True Green Planet; A certified project developed under True Green Energy Group to promote greener environment, as every living things can recognize the goodness of Mother Nature. And to achieve this we have to neutralize our part in polluting our own environment. Starting with our garbage, with the True Green Planet we can able to have knowledge of turning it into a useful energy, thru the means of gasification. TGP has the newest Biosphere MKV to convert waste found in both land and bodies of water. The product is called green energy. This green technology is a maneuver in fighting pollution and our hope to achieve a TRUE GREEN PLANET.


Megan Park who writes for True Green Planet, a company under True Green Energy Group, a passionate earth lover who preserves its beauty and making it a better place to live and conscientiously promotes the Biosphere Technology producing sustainable and economical green energy.

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