What Bridal Shower Etiquette to Follow

If you are a bridesmaid and you have to plan the bridal shower, there are some things you must learn before you start. This involves the bridal shower etiquette and what you should and should not do for the event. So, how do you know what etiquette to follow? Well, take a look below.

There are all different kinds of etiquette to follow when it comes to planning a bridal shower. This is mainly up to the bride and groom and it would be best to ask them first before planning any strippers or wild nights. You can always consult with the bride even if the shower is a surprise. She can give you some things that are no no’s before you even start planning.

With the way a bridal shower works you don’t have to just focus on the activities. You should also think about the food and drink as well as who to invite and who is in charge of what. Traditionally it is the maid of honor or the head bride’s maid who plans the shower, but nowadays you can even have two or three bride’s maids planning it. You might even leave the shower up to the mother of the bride if that is what she wants.

There are no hard and fast rules for who plans the shower, but you should think about the actual event when it comes to etiquette. Someone must be in charge of the bride and watch out for her that night. Some bridal showers take place at night clubs or are spent bar hopping. You might have the first part of the evening at someone’s house and then go out later.

Whatever the case may be, be sure to get the bride home safely. Bridal showers usually involve drinking and dressing up the bride, so make sure that she is not going to get into any trouble.

One of the most important parts of bridal shower etiquette when it comes to drinking is to never let the bride get too drunk if the wedding is the next day. She will never forgive you if she feels horrible and cannot even walk down the aisle without feeling sick.

Another thing to watch out for is other men. The last thing you will want on your conscience is a bride who has had a fling with some stranger the night before her wedding. The most important part of the bridal shower etiquette is to have fun, but be safe.

Once you have worked out all the rules to follow and what not to do for the bridal shower you can go ahead and start planning a wonderful evening that will be lots of fun and enjoyed by all. You can easily look online for some great bridal shower games and activities that you can play as well as ideas for exciting bridal shower evenings that do not involve too much wild activity, and that you can host in your own home.

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