How To Plan a Bridal Shower

If this year you are planning a Bridal Shower, then you need to put a day together which the bride will remember for their whole life. This occasion can easily become stressful to plan, despite the fact it does not have to be. If you have a proper plan, you can make the event impressive.


When it comes to planning the bridal shower, don’t limit yourself to using only the wedding colors the bride has chosen. Seek out bridal shower decor inspiration from the bride herself. After all, the day is about her and her new journey in life. You cannot go wrong if you take the time to think about what she would like and dislike. If your bride is more mellow and easy going, plan something fitting to her style. If she loves nature, think outdoors. If your bride loves exotic foods, consider a themed restaurant. If you are not sure what type (formal or laid back, indoors or out) of shower the bride would prefer you can ask someone close to her that may have a better idea. The key is to make the day all about the bride.


If you need decor ideas for the bridal shower, the bride’s wedding theme and/or colors are always a safe way to get inspiration. However, it is not necessary to decorate everything in pink simply because it is the color she chose. However, always keep in mind the bride’s taste and be sure to compliment that. Themed bridal showers seem to be the new trend. From “something blue” to “love is in the air” with a butterfly motif, feel free to get creative. As long as you keep your themed decor minimal and focused, picking a specific theme (like butterflies) can be really unique. Overall, every bridal shower should d have a romantic feel and be inspired by the bride herself.


Once you select your theme, including your color palette, you can begin to plan the details of the event. Requesting help from the bridal party and the bride’s family (not typically the mother) is perfectly acceptable. Taking the whole event on yourself can be very overwhelming when often other people close to the bride really do want to help with this special event as well. As long as long as you take the time to plan ahead, seek out help from others, and always keep the bride in mind, your bridal shower planning experience should be a smooth and enjoyable one.


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