Has Iran Been Vindicated by the CIA 2003 Report Estimate – Can We Trust?

Perhaps you have heard the famous line by Ronald Reagan – “Trust but verify?” He used this when discussing diplomacy with other nations and in negotiation with those nations, which claimed to want peace and negotiated with the US. The Iranian President believes that Iran has been vindicated from the US’s harsh criticism and claims that the Iranians are busy making nuclear weapons. Indeed, there is another point of view on all this that has now resurfaced:

It’s really hard to truly vindicate a nation that gives 100 million dollars a year to Hezbollah, which hijacked Lebanon and started a war with Israel. It’s hard to vindicate a nation who promises to blow a nation off the map. It’s hard to vindicate a nation that swears in 300,000 suicide bombers. It’s hard to vindicate a nation that sends weapons and assistance into Iraq to kill US Troops.

It’s hard to vindicate a nation a whose leader came into power and rigged the election by blocking TV satellite signals with Microwaves so the citizens could only hear their election campaign ads. It’s hard to vindicate a nation whose leader was a former terrorist himself and took US Hostages. It’s hard to vindicate a nation who denies the holocaust. It’s hard to vindicate a nation that installs thousands of centrifuges to enrich uranium to make nuclear weapons.

Some Geo-Political experts have stated:

You know, it’s just really hard for anyone to trust Iran on anything they say. It’s hard to assume Iran has not restarted their nuclear weapons making since then. It’s hard to believe that they are not buying more 1250 range ICBMs from China to Swarm guided rockets into Israel. It’s hard for me to believe that the Democrats in the US are so naive.

It’s hard as heck for me to believe we should back off in anyway on sanctions, hard-line approach or even a military strike with 23,000 sorties in 72-hours, without IMMEDIATE and COMPLETE IAEA inspections of EVERY Facility, without exception RIGHT NOW!

It is time for TRUTH. No more lies, no more games, not more stalling, absolutely no more!

So, no matter how you feel about this entire issue, there is a lot more chaos and controversy and mass media sound and fury to come. It is not the end of the Iranian conflict, just opening the door to see if they are ready to verify, so the world can once again trust? Think on this, peace or bust. Something Serious to Contemplate in 2008.

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