TGEG, SBSC, TBE and TGP; Our Instrument to Green Technology

Waste management serves as an essential improvement in the world today. Hence, we consider RECYCLING the most significant way to implement proper waste disposal. Be delighted by your observance of saving the planet in case you have already began recycling, or have been completely diverting the very thought of getting started. I, as one of your fellow Planet Caretaker at TGP and TGEG, SBSC and TBE Earth Warriors encourage you along with open arms to hold on to our beliefs and common goal in making our earth a green planet once more!. There’s a whole great deal to educate ourselves and as such loads of alternative ways for every single and each particular person which might help out, in REDUCING the level of nonrenewable resources used, REUSING what we could, and RECYCLING what’s left.

TGEG, SBSC, TBE and TRUE GREEN PLANET are corporations set by none other than Ronald Shane Flynn. He had a prescient vision that has influenced many nations by his campaign for a greener and improved modern world.  He may perhaps be the wizard powering and lurking behind enormous organizations struggling to help with making green technology the primary provider of energy across the world.

TRUE GREEN ENERGY GROUP– the primary along with his four companies in the Philippines and Canada which is generally concerned in promoting world power and green technologies.

SPECTRUM BLUE STEEL CORPORATION -which is apparently the sister company of TGEG that instigates and deploys biosphere machines.

TRUE BIO ELECTRIC– that is certainly intended to look after the development, finalizing and distribution of TGEG biosphere technology’s green energy.

TRUE GREEN PLANET- is the latest among the three and that is guaranteed to head into the most effective way in implementing green technologies and other great revolutionary alternatives towards an enduring future.

Ron Flynn initiated the companies True Green Energy Group, SBSC, True-Bio Electric and True Green Planet with the foremost idea of treating our world with the promotion of green technologies and recommends developing a zero waste society. The firms also provide a lasting investment opportunity and not just a compelling financial stability but also providing them with the opportunity in fulfilling the immense desire of saving the Planet.

He may have concentrated his life in developing an environment friendly and better world. Lots that tend to have got involvement in thinking about the biosphere gasification project as unsuccessful and the worst is, some have tried to screw up his identity to set him down. Yet unfortunately he’s got under no circumstances to be pulled down by any critics.


Megan Park who writes for True Green Planet, a company under True Green Energy Group, a passionate earth lover who preserves its beauty and making it a better place to live and conscientiously promotes the Biosphere Technology producing sustainable and economical green energy.

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