Bridal Jewellery and Hair Accessories

When most people and you may be one of them think of women’s wedding attire, and bridal ensembles, for some reason all too often bridal jewelry and hair accessories are left out of the picture. It seems that most folks just assume that things will just take care of themselves – flowers and such.


They Look Even More Fantastic


However; the truth is that these types of fashion ornamentations are the now one of the fasted growing trends in women’s fashion accessories today and there appears to be no sign of it slowing down. The reasons are basic, and simple. They look fantastic, and cover an extremely broad spectrum and price range.


Faux Pearls for Wedding and Every Day Wear


Pearls have always been popular, and they for sure will continue to be a hot seller, and this of course includes pearls for everyday wear. One glaring problem all along though has been that genuine pearls have always been a bit pricey, while faux pearls always seemed to have a bit of a fake look to them.


You Just Can’t Tell the Difference


However; the good news now for both retailers and buyers alike, is that today’s new genre of faux pearls capture both the look and feel of the genuine article perfectly. In fact even on close examination it takes the experienced eye of an expert jeweller to tell the difference. Not to worry though because when factored for inflation, they still cost about the same as they always have.


The Carnival Look is Hot Now


The Mardi gras, or carnival look has also taken off in recent years and there is just too many variations on it to mention in this brief article. It’s the vibrant colors and of course along with all the different styles of masks that the vast majority of buyers are drawn to. Not masks that are worn on the face either in the classic sense.


Super Clever Carnival Mask Jewellery Designs


Rather, carnival masks that are worked into clever bridal jewelry and hair accessories that can be worn singularly, or as part of a combination of pieces that can includes earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces for instance. By the way, carnival themed accessories also make for great wedding and wedding party favors as well.


The All Time Classic Tiara


The gemstone studded tiara has been a standard wedding fashion accessory for generations, so it definitely isn’t going anywhere any time soon. What has changed though is that designers have been busy at work coming up with a veritable cornucopia of new designs on this classic piece. By the way, tiaras look fantastic on young girls that are taking part in a wedding ceremony.


Charm Jewellery is Still Hotter than Ever


Speaking of kids, this is yet another area of bridal jewelry, and hair accessories that has gone through a growth period in terms of popularity. Of course there are still the time honored children’s styles that incorporate things like teddy bears and gingerbread men into their motif. However now there is a new look in children’s accessories that is best described as the charm look. Charm jewellery is huge now.

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