Ron Paul Taxes – What If He Wins? Can He Fund Government Without Them?

It’s time to stop asking if Ron Paul can win. Just try stopping a river in flood! It’s time to look at his economic policies and see if they stack up. Paul is the only living politician daring to challenge the banking-controlled media fairy tale that taxes support civilization. Nothing can be further from the truth! The fact is, taxation has nothing to do with funding government services, except in the reverse sense. Taxation deprives taxpayers of the means to serve themselves, forcing them into the “protective” hands of an ever-growing government bureaucracy; a bureaucracy bent upon serving only itself. Sustainable government can only be funded by real increases in savings and investments in the private sector. In the sustainable sense, government can only be funded by private surplus.

Modern taxation has one purpose, and one purpose only. That is to remove liquidity from the private sector; forcing individuals, firms, and governments to borrow from anonymous banking masters. This is where all new money comes from (7% increase per year), created by the bankers out of thin air based upon our assets (such as home mortgages, debentures, and personal guarantees), and then loaned to us through the banking system at high interest. This is also the cause for the rampant inflation of the U.S. dollar.

Paul rightly claims that by eliminating income taxes a huge dollar resource remains in private hands negating the need for much of our present federal government structure, and the accompanying increase in debt. And there is more to this line of thinking. If a considerable portion of this “saved” tax money is actually spent on saving and/or investment, this creates a new deflationary effect, forcing the value of money upwards and increasing its purchasing power. However, the resulting deflation destroys the viability of all commerce, as falling prices continually cut into business profit margins. How do you run a business if you pay a dollar for an apple and have to sell it for 90 cents?

Thus Paul’s approach creates a whole new funding stream for government, with the necessity (opportunity, actually) to issue new interest-free money to balance and match the new wealth creation in the private sector. Thus, eliminating taxes does not reduce the government funding base. It actually increases it in an amazing way!

The removal of Federal taxes also opens the door to the elimination of the Federal Reserve Banking System, which presently prints and loans to the Federal Government around 13% of its fiscal requirements. The “Fed” is part of the world banking conspiracy by which private bankers have been able to create the world’s money supply out of thin air for several hundred years, loaning it out at high interest.

The Ron Paul Revolution intends to end this fraud and return real power to the people. It is little wonder that the banking controlled media such as Fox News wants to keep Paul down. If Paul wins the Presidency, the bankers’ money tree will wither and die, as few persons will need borrow from the bankers; and those that do will be able to borrow at much lower rates of interest.

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Carl Peterson may be the foremost world expert on world economics, being the first to recognize the direct links between taxation, usury, environmental destruction, ongoing warfare, and the diabolical way all new money is created by a well entrenched banking monopoly. His recent book describing a no-tax alternative, “The Zen of No Tax” is available through his personal website

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