Is Ron Paul Viable With a War Chest of 17 Million Dollars?

Dr. Ron Paul for President volunteers believe that he is going to win the election, because he has 17-million dollars in campaign funds. But just because a politician of 20-years has money to spend does not mean they will win, especially if he does not know how to use it.

Since they now say he has 17 million dollars, yet is in last place, perhaps that might make him look financially inept and unaccountable to some voters. Even if his campaign funds are backed by gold coins seized by the Secret Service. Something is fishy there, but everyone is quiet on the subject and no one can figure out why? Viability in an election is about more than just dollars in the campaign, of course without the money viability is baloney in today’s political races.

Some say it is only a matter of time until we watch Obama fall, and look how much money he has. Some say that Dr. Ron Paul does not look Presidential, he looks like a winey man. You have to be TV viable too, this is America, that is how people think. He might be a nice guy and have some good ideas, but he is powerless without the image. Other say he is radical to an extreme on some issues, and that he is not workable.

There are a lot of folks pumping up Dr. Ron Paul on the Internet on Blogs and Forums, one has to wonder how they are able to do this? Maybe they just recruit anyone they can:

If you do not have any money or a car, we can still use your support on the Internet…now here is what we need you to do…

It is amazing that people are supporting Ron Paul and monitoring the Internet Forums to attempt to get him back into the race, but alas he is in currently in last place. So, while some look at the scoreboard, others are looking for hope. Something Serious to Contemplate in 2008.

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