Planning A Modern Bridal Shower

The modern bridal shower can be wildly different from those of previous eras simply because they can incorporate much more than a chatty gathering of best friends and family members. For example, there are many people who plan their showers to include both the bride and the groom. Destination and activity themed showers are also very popular.

Consider the benefits of the bridal shower that has both the bride and her fiance in attendance. This could allow for a much larger group of attendees and a much more diverse array of gifts. For example, the couple who needs things like power tools for home improvement or more guy friendly gadgets like a lawn mower or garage items, could be far more likely to get the things they need in a party with men and women in attendance. This could also provide a great opportunity to change up the tone and choice of location. For instance, it could be a backyard barbecue instead of a ladies luncheon.

There are lots of options to consider when contemplating destination themed bridal shower. As the name suggests, the idea is to allow and encourage all the girls to get out of town. This might be a weekend at a nearby beach or favorite resort. It may include a visit to the local antiques market or anything that would give the attendees enough free time for the celebration and then some extra time to spend having a bit of fun later on. Good choices include trips to vineyards, a weekend in the city or even a full day at the spa for some pampering before the wedding.

Incorporate learning activities into the celebration is one of the cleverest of the modern bridal shower themes. For example, many DIY brides will purchase their wedding flowers from a wholesale distributor and then put together all of the table centerpieces and bouquets in the days before the event. They can make this process much easier by enlisting the help of their bridal party and can actually have everyone trained in flower arranging techniques by incorporating this activity in their shower. For instance, they could hire a florist to teach everyone how to make a bouquet during the shower and then this lesson could be used in the days before the wedding to tackle all of the actual wedding flowers!

Bridal showers do not have to be standard or formulaic. They can be used to give the bride and groom a chance to acquire many of the things they need to begin their new life together, while enjoying the build up to the big day together.

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