Who Was L. Ron Hubbard To Scientologists?

L. Ron Hubbard founded Scientology. Millions are involved in Scientology. He was a man. Millions follow his writings. But to understand his role we first need to understand more about what religion really is.

There are basically two kinds of religion. If this is not known then those in the West can get awfully confused and upset over religion. The first kind of religion is the revealed religion. This is particularly the Abrahamic religions that have come out from the Middle East. This is the Judaic, Christian, and Islamic line and their offshoots. These religions have as their founders someone who says he speaks for God and interprets Gods message through that religion. The other kind of religion is the natural religion. This is where there is no revelation from God but rather it is one or more people who have worked out what man is as a spiritual being and how he fits into the cosmos and beyond. This would be Hinduism, Buddhism and includes Scientology. There may be some religions that have a foot in both camps, such as Gnosticism or possibly paganism, but it is easiest to see that there are two different types of religion, and there appears to be a sliding scale between the two and all religions are somewhere on this sliding scale.

Scientology is a natural religion. It is not a revealed religion. Its founder is a man, the same as the great Hindu and Buddhist religions have men as their founders. So L. Ron Hubbard is not a prophet, messiah or god to Scientologists. He is a man, a writer, a philosopher, an educator. Many would say he is wise, and perhaps genius, but a man nonetheless.

This possibly upsets some people in the West who must insist that for a religion to exist it must be a revealed religion, and they argue that as L. Ron Hubbard is not a messiah, then Scientology cannot be a religion. But this is simply cultural ignorance within our society reflecting a poor educational standard.

L. Ron Hubbard was careful not to allow Scientology to intrude into making up rules on behalf of God, though he was at the same time quick to point out that God does and must exist for us all. L Ron Hubbards role as philosopher and writer was to find a way that man could naturally evolve into a higher state of being, that had been sought for so long by earlier eastern and then western religions. He did this as a writer and thinker, searching as a scientist through the knowledge of what man was, putting the pieces together. The result are states of being far above normal man.

Scientologists are grateful for his work and dedication. Millions now lead better lives for it. But while they are extremely grateful they do not revere him as more than a man. He would not want them to.

Because he did not intrude into the realm of what could be considered the domain of revealed religions, Scientologists will often find amongst their ranks members of other religions. L. Ron Hubbard once described Scientology as a religion of religions.

Nick Broadhurst is the Executive Director of the Church of Scientology of Canberra. He has been in Scientology for 20 years.L. Ron Hubbard’s early life , L. Ron Hubbard – Scientology Canberra

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