The Truths About How To Get Pregnant For A Boy

Do you know that couples can now toil on how to get pregnant for a boy? You will find that there are a lot of options to choose from if you are truly decided on having a baby boy. The Ericsson Technique is in the long list of choices you can avail. A man with the name of Ronald Ericsson developed it; this, the name and he led the way to discovering this method by finding out about the sperm and egg cells’ natural characteristics. Because he discovered that the male-bearing sperms are found to swim much faster than the female-bearing ones, he designed this technique based on such fact.

To do the steps, first you will have to pour some sperm cells into one test tube after which you should isolate the fast swimmer from the slow swimmer. Normally, you will notice that the boy-bearing sperms will arrive at the foot of the test tube in a hasty manner compared to those of the girl-bearing ones. The minute you have isolated the male sperms, then it is time that they can be inseminated to the woman’s uterus next.

You wil be pleased to find out, especially if you are already using this technique that it has a proven success rate of 78 to 85% for getting a baby boy and a 73-75% success rate as well for a baby girl. But then again, you will discover that there are some medical practitioners who are arguing about the available rates. These medical practitioners declare that Ericsson pegged at $ 600 can only offer clients 50% success rate in his technique.

But on one hand, there is also another method known as the PGD method or the Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, which is better known as the in-vitro fertilization, found out to be the only one that can give a 100% success rate when it comes to selecting the gender for your baby. However, only few clinics uses this method for selection servicesBut then, there are only a few clinics that continue to use such method. This is generally executed in circumstances concerning having genetic disorders ant the same time when there is the need to put a stop to multiple miscarriages.

PGD is an invasive course of action that can trigger off a number of problems such as bloating as well as a blurred vision. The thing is, pain will definitely go together with the drawing out of egg cells from the mother’s ovary.

Shettles Method is a safer technique but is not as highly successful as the PGD on how to get pregnant for a boy. Developed by Dr. Landrum Shettles, it only has 90% success rate. This technique works by simply ensuring that the pH level of the woman’s vaginal environment is on high; thus, making the boy-sperm cells flourish until it arrives at the egg cells to fertilize without dying out along the way. What’s more, Shettles recommends that there should be synchronized ejaculation between the man and the woman so as to preserve the alkalinity of the vaginal environment.

You should also consider having some timing on when you will do the coitus – that is, two days earlier than the beginning of the woman’s ovulation. This technique may not hurt your pocket a single bit but what’s more, it is guaranteed harmless and very easy to do even at home. But then, there is the emphasis that the couples should not only observe patience but also diligence in executing the procedure as these will greatly affect the ending of the program.

In the end, you can only desire one method at a time and it will largely depend on your own capability, whether it be financial or psychological. Keep in mind though that your personal convictions will always matter too; in fact, sometimes, you might ask if you really want a baby boy or just a normal, healthy baby. At any rate, do not expect that the Pregnancy Miracle Book will be able to teach you the best techniques on how to get pregnant for a boy, but one thing for sure, it can totally help you get pregnant with a strong and healthy baby, that’s for sure.

Ever thought of knowing how to get pregnant for a boy? Well, the Internet offers a lot of resources you can read on to find out more about how.

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