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Every Bridal Bouquet Needs Depth

When you create depth in your wedding bouquets, you add interest and visual excitement. Flat bouquets and arrangements are boring and not as pleasing to look at. Artists who work with 2 dimensional mediums such as canvas need to create the illusion of depth. They do this using angled lines and objects overlapping each other. When you create you own…

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Creative Wedding Bouquet Wraps

The flowers are the star of any bridal bouquet, but it is the extra details and accents that will make it truly memorable. There are some wonderful ways to finish off a bouquet, from ribbons to beads to other decorations. In addition, the wedding bouquets can also be integrated into the reception décor after the ceremony, so it is important…

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Purple Wedding Flowers For A Beautiful Bouquet

Purple is a beautiful color for your wedding. You could choose a pale lavender, bright purple, aubergine, dark gray, plum or a hint of purple. There are all sorts of flowers available to suit any preference and can be used in almost any flower bouquet. Here’s a look at some of the best options around the purple flower: Purple Roses…

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